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Advertising Rates: Full-Page Advertisements

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Looking at Great Advertising Rates Looking at Great Advertising Rates   See What We Have to Offer!

Internet Advertising Rate Card #2

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is proud to offer our Advertisers 219+ city guides in which targeted advertising can be done on an efficient, economical process. Daily potential customers gather information and select various advertisers to purchase goods and services from our 219+ city guides.

Advertising rates for Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas (IVLV) 219+ City Guide Web Sites are the "Lowest," compared with ANY paper magazine, electronic magazine or other web site receiving remotely the same quantity and quality of daily viewers. "Other" companies’ advertising rates cost 75% - 600% more!  IVLV’s 200 city guide web sites give our Advertisers many advantages that any other advertising formats cannot match.

IVLV’s goal is to build your company the best looking and functional Web pages! After all, your advertisement becomes part of the IVLV overall Web site. Our Web Sites have and continues to win world class recognition by building quality, fast loading, universally viewable web pages for our clients that the masses can enjoy and interact from around the world using any type of connection / computer.

Join our Web Site today and take advantage of our thousands of daily viewers. Web Sites are similar in some ways to billboards. Even if your company has an existing Web Site(s), having additional quality Web Sites can only attract more customers to your business. IVLV Advertising Programs offer great advertising opportunities for local, regional, nationwide or worldwide corporations. Our Advertising Programs DO NOT have layout costs, set up fees, design fees, construction costs, or hidden fees.

We work closely with each advertiser to build their unique web pages to meet their specific needs. Each advertiser receives an original specific designed web page, not a boiler plate configuration that is so common on the Internet.

IVLV Full-Page Advertising Program offers small or large advertisers the opportunity to enjoy our proven successful program for many years to come at a nominal expense. Our Standard Full-Page advertisement includes company logo, name, address, phone, hours, email address, one page of text, photograph/logo and a minimum of one interior link. All of our Full-Page Advertising Programs can be contracted for 6, 12, 24 month contracts. This allows our advertisers to lock in prices for up to two years without cost increases.

Most of our advertisers purchase more than one web page, because of no limitations on the number of pages an advertiser can acquire. We have clients with dozens of web pages that have been advertising with us nonstop for more than six years.

When you consider an individual page within our standard city web guides cost only $299.00 per month, additional pages cost $149.50 per month, how can your company not afford to spend $9+ per day to be seen by thousands of people. Construction time to build your one page web site is a maximum of 2 days from receiving text and photographs, with larger sites taking 5-7 days to complete.

Customer Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Monthly Costs:

1 - Full-Page Web Advertisement $299.00 per Month
Each Additional Full-Page $149.50 per Month

Construction Time to Build Your Complete Web Site:

1-4 Web Pages 1-2 Day 5-10 Web Pages 2-3 Days
10-20 Web Pages 3-4 Days 20+ Web Pages 5-7 Days

Ready to Place An Advertisement?
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Sales Department is open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 PST. Any Sales Representatives can answer all your questions over the phone and/or send you a complete media kit.

If calling after business hours, please leave your name, phone number and the best time to be contacted. One of the staff will return your call. If you prefer to send an E-mail with the above information we will gladly return your call. Also listed below, for you people who prefer snail mail is our mailing address.
We look forward to hearing from you today!

All Advertising options are not created equal. 

The chart below allows you to compare some of the more common advertising avenues available to businesses and dramatically demonstrates why it is so cost effective to find new customers with our web site.


Advertising Avenues

Estimate Cost

Very Small Yellow Pages ad, local edition (1 year) $4,000+

25 radio station spots

Search engine optimization (3 months)* $2,500-5,000

Fax broadcasting (3,000 a month)

Tiny display ad in a magazine (1 month) $2,200-$5,000

10 late-night leftover TV 30-second spots

Rack Cards (10,000 with distribution) $1,600-$3,000

500 direct mail letters (printing, paper, postage)

2,000 direct mail postcards  (printing, paper, postage) $1,400

4" display ad in your local newspaper,

Classified ad in USA Today (1 week) $1,250

2,500 Google AdWords clicks (at $0.40 each)

Full Web Page Display Advertisement in this web site (1 month)
Premier Business Directory Full Page Advertisement (1 month)

$89.95 ($2.96 day)

*Algorithms change all the time. Search engine optimization need to
be updated almost monthly, because various Search Engines
change their algorithms almost every month or so.


Phone: 702-242-4482

P.O. Box 15110
Las Vegas, Nevada 89114-5110

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Media Kit Contents

The Internet Web Site RATE CARD #2 is part of the Advertising Contract and the Advertisement Contract is subject to all conditions specified herein. Rates and/or conditions are subject to change by publisher without notice.

PO Box 15110  Las Vegas, NV 89114
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